The highest quality standards

Certified by independent and approved laboratories


We comply the highest quality European standards


Certified by approved and independent laboratories

The highest quality standards in all products

CASA SOL's business policy is based on guaranteeing and demanding the highest quality standards in all products manufactured and sold

CASA SOL comply the highest quality European standards and all the production is certified by approved and independent laboratories.

Raw materials origin

OEKO-TEX Standard

In order to guarantee the best quality in all its products, CASA SOL demands its suppliers:

  • Have OEKO-TEX standard for the control of harmful substances.
  • Guarantee of their products have European origin.
  • Certification according to their products DOES NOT come from China.
  • CASA SOL's products origin

    100 % Made in EU

    As the entire production process is carried in CASA SOL manufacturing facilities in Spain and the fact that the raw materials have European origin, CASA SOL can guarantee that its products are 100% Made in EU.

    Food quality

    All the range of products

  • Cumply with the UE Regulation 10/2011, the CE Regulation nº 1935/2004 and its active materials and articles in contact with food are included in the list of authorised substances to be used in manufacturing.

  • The materials and articles used in manufacturing don't have migration level in excess of the established limits in the UE directive 10/2011, CE 2023/2006 and CE 1935/2004.

  • The products don't content hazardous components in concentrations to be taken in account in accordance in CE Directives. The products don't contain optical brighteners or bisphenols.

  • In rope production good practices are followed to manufacture materials and articles intended to come into contact with food (2023/2006 Standard).

  • Type of capacity (dry and wet environment, aqueous and fatty food).

  • For all these reasons, ALL products manufactured and sold by CASA SOL can be used in contact with any food.

    Metal Detection System

    Metal detector THS/G21 200

    In CASA SOL's products manufacturing chain there is a Metal Detection System THS/G21 200 for tubular application by horizontal or vertical supplying.

    Thus, CASA SOL's products are free of metal bodies.